Created in 48 hours for the GMTK 2021 game jam

Goal Survive as long as you can from the endless wave of enemies!

Mechanics Aim your mouse cursor onto a desired enemy and hold the button to start pulling them in! Once successful, the enemy's guns are now yours! Watch where you aim the magnet, as you can have the enemy attach to the side of your magnet or even behind it if you rotate it as it's being pulled in!

Controls Left Mouse Button - Magnet (Press and hold when the mouse is hovering over an enemy to reel them in) Right Mouse Button - Fire (This fires all guns attached to your mech! Each gun has limited ammo) W, A, S, D Keys - Movement


Allan Phan - "Ace Catel" Game Designer, Co-Programmer, Co-Artist (The person who is posting this project)

Clifford Tull - "ComboSmooth" Main Artist

Jacob van Tol - "Jabob" Programmer

Jord Nguyen Sound Designer

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